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Bhojan Daan was founded by Mayur Dasani during the Diwali of 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, with a vision to help eradicate food poverty in India. The charity currently focuses on providing everyday groceries to those who cannot afford it. The end goal for Bhojan Daan is to set up a restaurant facility in Haridwar to cater exclusively to the homeless and provide a sit-down buffet meal to them, which will be sponsored by donors.

Despite having a small team of supporters, we've still managed to support the COVID crisis in India whilst working on our main goal - to help eradicate food poverty in India. To date, we have donated over 5,000kg of fruit and veg and household necessities to those living in poverty. We are supporting 26 families with daily groceries, and cooking utensils and aim to continue the number of people we help. To find out about our recent activities, follow our social media pages:

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